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Punta Gorda Seasonal Rentals

Punta Gorda Seasonal Rentals | Paradise for a Fair Price

Punta Gorda seasonal rentals are fully furnished condos, villas, or single family homes rented out for a month or more, usually during the winter season.

Why Choose Punta Gorda for Your Seasonal Paradise?

When it comes time to select your winter retreat, why should you choose Punta Gorda seasonal rentals for your piece of paradise?  Whether you are interested in golfing, boating, fishing or just relaxing Punta Gorda is a premier destination with great year round weather. At 5 feet to 25 feet above sea level, Punta Gorda seasonal rentals and all of Charlotte County enjoys a sub-tropic climate where the extremes (both summer and winter) are balanced by the tempering influence of the Gulf of Mexico creating a perfect annual average temperature of 73.9 °F.

Punta Gorda is a charming historic city located on the southern edge of Charlotte Harbor at the mouth of the Peace River. Charlotte Harbor is the second-largest estuary in Florida, encompassing 270 square miles and was ranked one of the top ten places to sail by Sail magazine. Furthermore, Charlotte Harbor is fed with fresh water from the Myakka River on its northwest corner and the Peace River on its northeast corner. This creates a system in which the water fluctuates from fresh to brackish to salt and supports more than 300 different species of fish – a fisherman’s dream! Five Star Realty has a large variety of Punta Gorda seasonal rentals offering access to Charlotte Harbor.

Besides the obvious draw of the water, Punta Gorda seasonal rentals offer access to a variety of other activities for visitors to enjoy. There are several public, private, and semi-private golf courses including Twin Isles Country Club. There are also a large variety of restaurants, many with beautiful water views, and shopping often located within walking distance from your Punta Gorda seasonal rental. Punta Gorda is also home to a large variety of annual community events as well as weekly events such as Think Thursday and Farmer’s Market.

Why Make a Punta Gorda Seasonal Rental Your Home Away From Home?

punta-gorda-seasonal-rentals-waterfrontPunta Gorda seasonal rentals are the perfect home away from home because they are just that – a home. There is no better way to fully enjoy all that Punta Gorda has to offer than with a Punta Gorda seasonal rental. Punta Gorda seasonal rentals include everything you need to enjoy your stay. All of Five Star Realty’s Punta Gorda seasonal rentals come fully furnished with a fully equipped kitchen and linens – everything you need to enjoy your piece of paradise.

A Punta Gorda seasonal rental will often offer greater savings, more space, and better privacy than a hotel. By choosing a Punta Gorda seasonal rental over a hotel you will have an entire condo, villa, or house to yourself. This means you are able to enjoy all the things you enjoy at home (cooking in the kitchen, entertaining in the living room, and sitting down for a meal at the dining room table) plus a few extras (a private pool, water view, or great boating access) depending on which rental you choose. Plus a Punta Gorda seasonal rental can often offer great savings for more space over comparable hotel rates.


Search for a Punta Gorda seasonal rental that meets your needs or contact us to book your Punta Gorda seasonal rental today!

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