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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Florida Rental Property

Maintaining Your Florida Rental Property Saves Money in the Long Run

There are a few things that you as a Florida rental property owner can do in order to maintain the value of your Florida rental property and help prevent major or costly repairs in the future.

  • Re-caulk Tiled Areas
    Refreshing your tiled surfaces is, aside from the aesthetic value, valuable for preventing costly water leaks. Make sure the area around your tubs and sinks is sealed to prevent expensive repairs.
  • Replace Air Filters
    You can cut down on the need to hire a professional to clean your air ducts as often by replacing your air filters twice a  year. This will help keep the air in your rental property clean and mold and spore free. You can also make this small task your tenant’s responsibility.
  • Check Smoke Detectors
    Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, and where there’s a dead battery in a smoke detector, there’s a possibly undetected fire. Test your smoke alarms monthly (have your tenants check them while they occupy your Florida rental property), and replace your smoke alarms every 10 years.
  • Update Your Electrical System
    Maintaining your electrical wires and fuse box is much cheaper than replacing them altogether. Have a licensed electrician routinely check your electrical system for any issues.
  • Repair Water Leaks
    Regularly check your Florida rental property for leaks. Catching small leaks before they cause major issues like mold or wall damage is essential to maintaining your rental property.
  • Keep Pests Under Control
    Having a pest control company regularly inspect and treat your rental property is cheaper in the long run than having to eliminate a pest infestation from your rental property and housing your tenants elsewhere while you do. With your tenant’s permission, check the property every few months for pests and make sure that your tenants are disposing of their waste in such a way to not attract pests.
  • Repaint Your Property
    A fresh coat of paint both inside and outside your rental property besides from being visually appealing helps protect your property from the elements and from moisture inside. A semi-gloss paint is durable and will help seal the walls in a bathroom from moisture damage. An egg-shell paint is great for bedrooms and living areas because it’s easier to clean than a paint with a matte finish.
  • Have a Hurricane Preparedness Checklist
    If a hurricane is predicted to come through your area, make sure several things are in order at your Florida rental property. First, move anything outside the property inside if there is any danger of it being blown around by the wind. This could include patio furniture, potted plants, etc. Secondly, board up your rental property’s windows and close hurricane shutters. Consider investing in hurricane shutters if you do not have them on your Florida rental property already; they make preparing for a hurricane much easier and quicker. Thirdly, turn off propane tanks and unplug small appliances. Have your tenants complete these tasks if they are occupying your Florida rental property.
  • Close Your Florida Seasonal Rental Property Down For Long Absences
    If you rent out your rental property seasonally (typically January-March), here are some tips to “shut down” your property during the off-season. To prevent mold and water evaporation, add bleach to toilets and wrap opening with Saran wrap.  Shut all blinds, lock all windows/doors, shut water heater breaker off, turn off water main and individual shut-offs, unplug all major appliances and electronics, and keep air at 80 degrees Fahrenheit with fan on/cool (if you have a humidstat, set it to 60%).  Remove all flour, crackers, grains, sugar items from cupboards, shut off fridge and leave doors open with kitchen towels.  Place any spices you want to keep in the microwave to retain them longer, keep closet doors open and all other bedroom doors open for best air flow.  Remove recycling/garbage and rinse all cans thoroughly with detergent. Run disposer and lube it to prevent it from seizing by adding a tablespoon of vegetable oil after running clean.  Remove all opened dry pet foods to prevent pests.

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Did you find these tips helpful? Comment below with any additional preventative maintenance advice that you would give.

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