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Patsy & Paulie: Unplucked

Patsy & Paulie: Unplucked

Five Star Realty in Punta Gorda has a variety of clientele, but two of their most unique customers have recently settled down in Punta Gorda. Patsy and Paulie Peterson, a plush flamingo and parrot pair originally from Pittsburgh, PA, know that there is always something happening around Charlotte Harbor. Patsy and Paulie have been seen at a holiday boat parade, sipping cocktails at River City Grill in downtown Punta Gorda, and hanging out at Gallery Walk in downtown Punta Gorda. Five Star Realty agents and staff have taken it upon themselves to take the two exotic bird clients on a flight of fancy.

Are they snowbirds or year-round residents?

The Petersons were snowbirds renting seasonally through Five Star Realty in Punta Gorda for many years, but have recently purchased a perch in Punta Gorda, where they have retired full-time.

We don’t want to be rude, but are they both chicks?

Patsy (the flamingo) is one crazy chick, and Paulie (the blue and gold macaw) – colorful as he is – is the man of the house.

What is their relationship?

Patsy and Paulie are bird lovers who as mere hatchlings attended flight school together. They went their separate ways, and when both of their mates flew the coop, they reunited on Facebook and now are “empty-nesters” enjoying each other’s company. After all, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Do they squawk about having nothing to do in Charlotte County?

When Patsy and Paulie were renting seasonally, they frequented Five Star Realty looking for things to do in Charlotte County. Now that they have moved to Punta Gorda, Patsy and Paulie have so much to do and only so many hours in a day. Five Star Realty figured that they would share the wealth of the lovebirds’ local travel on their blog, Facebook page and Florida Weekly.

We want to show newcomers how much this community has to offer. Everybody wants new ideas about enjoying our piece of paradise. We will all get to enjoy hearing about Patsy and Paulie’s   excursions as they hop around the harbor from one adventure to the next.

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