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Ocean Hour, International Weekly Cleanup, Starts in Southwest Florida

Hooked on SUP Brings Ocean Hour to Cape Haze Marina

Every once in a while, you hear a story that makes you have a little more faith in humanity. I heard such a story after reading our local newspaper last week.

Hooked on SUP Sun Herald FeatureThe front page feature detailed a local paddleboarding company, Hooked on SUP (SUP stands for stand up paddleboarding), that was participating in an international initiative started by nonprofit Mother Ocean. This initiative, called Ocean Hour, encouraged participants to take just an hour every Saturday morning to clean up the shore of whatever body of water you are near.

Hooked on SUP owner Paige Bakhaus and husband Brian began participating in this initiative about one month ago. Each Saturday morning, those who wish to volunteer gather at Hooked on SUP’s “office” at Cape Haze Marina, and each volunteer is given a free hour of paddleboarding or kayaking while they help clean up the water in and around Cape Haze Marina. Paige’s Yorkie Layla loves to come along on these adventures and prefers to sit at the helm of her mom’s paddleboard.

Hooked on SUP Cape Haze Marina Cleanup Sara Jackson March 30 2013

Volunteers Brianna and boyfriend paddle back to Hooked on SUP with some of the cleanup's spoils.
Volunteers Brianna and boyfriend paddle back to Hooked on SUP with some of the cleanup’s spoils.

I had the privilege of going along on last Saturday’s Ocean Hour with Hooked on SUP and while I was slightly upset with the amount of garbage that we gathered in just an hour, I felt satisfied that we had done some good for our ocean instead of the opposite. Here are some pictures of what we were able to gather during Saturday’s Ocean Hour, courtesy of Paige and Brian.

Hooked on SUP Volunteers at Cape Haze Marina March 30 2013

Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing about ocean cleanup, when I work for a real estate company, right? Well, to be truthful, it is in southwest Florida real estate’s best interest to participate in these types of cleanup initiatives.

Here in southwest Florida, a large percentage of us either live on the water or go to the beach, harbor or river constantly, and if that resource, that amenity that we so often take for granted, is not maintained, then our lifestyle is threatened. Realtors who try to sell property that is on polluted or unsightly waterfront will obviously have a hard time selling said property, not to mention the even bigger problem of  poisoning the very thing that makes our lifestyle so enjoyable.

I would encourage you to come out and try cleaning up during Ocean Hour with Hooked on SUP, and if you can’t make it, come out at another time and have a relaxing paddleboard or kayak ride down the Intracoastal Waterway. After seeing the natural beauty of our water, you will want to help keep it clean, not to mention you just might get Hooked on SUP.

Sara JacksonThis post was written by Sara Jackson, a member of the support staff here at Five Star Realty. She is pictured here with her fiancee Jonathan Cox. Sara enjoys living on the water in Punta Gorda, Florida, and writing about her experiences in Southwest Florida. She is graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and hopes to pursue a graduate degree there in fall 2013.

Do you paddleboard around southwest Florida? Tell us your favorite spots to paddleboard in the comments below.

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