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Lisa LaFlamme, Realtor: Health Update

Realtor Lisa LaFlamme’s Cancer Returns

Lisa-LaFlamme-Fundraiser3Our Realtor, Lisa LaFlamme, recently received the news that no cancer patient wants to hear, that her cancer has returned. In April 2013, Lisa received a bone marrow transplant from her brother to help treat her acute leukemia after a round of chemotherapy. An online fundraiser has been set up to collect funds to help pay for the bone marrow transplant and other treatment expenses. The current fundraising goal is $20,000, of which currently $11,965 has been raised.

LaFlamme’s husband had this message on Lisa LaFlamme’s fundraiser webpage: “Well, Lisa’s back in the hospital (Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa) for another month.  We met with the doctors today, and it is agreed to do another induction chemo therapy. The doctors are cautiously optimistic that she will again achieve remission. Once that happens, there are a few options based on how her counts recover.  As it turns out she will recover with her own marrow or her donor’s marrow.  Who knew? We thought she will always have her brother’s marrow.  If she recovers with Gary’s marrow, then they will give her more of his stem cells to give her a boost to fight any new leukemia. If it returns as her marrow, then another bone marrow transplant might be the direction to go.  This is very disheartening to Lisa, but she is trying to stay positive.”

To help Lisa LaFlamme with her treatment expenses, visit and search for “Lisa LaFlamme” in the “Find a Fundraiser” search engine at the top right of the webpage. You can also donate from the embedded link below. Donation amount and donor name can be made anonymous, and an encouraging message can be left for LaFlamme. Every donation, regardless of amount, is much appreciated. See our previous post on Lisa LaFlamme’s fundraiser and bone marrow transplant.

Have you or a family member suffering from cancer received help from fundraising? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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