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Art Basel’s “Gator in the Bay” Stops in Punta Gorda, Florida

Nature Photographer Lloyd Goradesky Headed Huge Floating Alligator Project

This past Saturday, November 24,  half of a huge alligator head stopped in Punta Gorda for a rest on its way to Art Basel in Miami Beach. The “Gator in the Bay” mobile sculpture will be three stories high, 230 feet long, and weigh 40 tons when completely assembled in Biscayne Bay during Art Basel Miami Beach in early December 2012. The huge piece of art was constructed by a team of artisans and artists headed by Lloyd Goradesky. Goradesky has been a nature photographer in south Florida for nearly 20 years. The alligator head of “Gator in the Bay” was constructed out of used, recycled, junkyard, and landfill materials. The body of the structure is made out of over 100 floating tiles with thousands of photographs of the Everglades from the last 30 years printed on them. The head of “Gator in the Bay” will be mounted on a self-propelled barge, and the upper jaw will be attached to a crane, creating movement mimicking an alligator opening its mouth. “Gator in the Bay” is the brainchild of Goradesky and Florida historian Cesar Becerra. The purpose of this huge floating sculpture is to bring awareness to the plight of the Everglades, which, though being restored by multiple projects, is in a fight for its life, according to Becerra. Even experts disagree on the best way to restore the glades, which complicates restoration efforts.

The “Gator in the Bay” will be featured in Biscayne Bay during Art Basel Miami Beach. The Art Basel in Miami Beach will be held December 6-9, 2012. For more information and tickets, visit the Art Basel Miami Beach website.

What’s your opinion of “Gator in the Bay”? Is it art, or art with a cause? Tell what you think in the comments below.

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