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Alligator Service – Lifestyle Management Service

Patsy & Paulie Meet Gavin, Alligator Service’s Main Gator

Patsy and Paulie were recently introduced to the face of Alligator Service, Gavin the Gator. Gavin was very helpful in explaining to the feathered twosome all about Alligator Service, a local errand, concierge, and delivery service for both personal and corporate service. The cuddly gator talked about lifestyle management and the peace of mind that can come from having someone else handling your errands. Alligator Service provides a a variety of services, including personal errands and shopping, transportation to the airport, light housekeeping, deliveries, house sitting, pet transportation and pet sitting, waiting services (for repair men, etc.), elderly assistance, check-in service, etc.

Alligator Service is currently serving all of Charlotte County. They offer a free initial consultation for new clients to figure out a customized pricing plan for them. Their lifestyle management services are available Monday through Friday 8 AM – 6 PM, and also on the weekends by appointment.

Call 941-621-2479 or email to schedule your consultation today!

Have you used Alligator Service before for your errands? Let us know about your experience with them below!

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